Some Thoughts

Good Enough

3 June 2020

Steve Jobs famously said

Good enough isn’t good enough

Despite being famous I’m not sure he actually said this.

It’s a popular idea but I consider it harmful.

Sometimes we should strive for excellence, but by no means always.

First of all it’s important to say that “Good Enough” doesn’t mean bad - it has to actually - be good enough.

Sometimes people use the phrase as shorthand for shoddy work - and that isn’t what I mean.

If something is mission critical - it has to work.

But often it is more important to get something mostly working quickly - than to wait too long for perfection.

Perfect is the enemy of good

Work has to be of an appropriate quality - we are not all mass producing mass-consumer articles sold at a high price - sometimes cost and time are more important than quality (and it’s not like Apple products are perfect anyway)

So the key question in my mind is often

Is this good enough ?

Often it isn’t and I need to keep polishing.

Sometimes the answer is - yes it will do for now - I can use this version while I improve it.

But the answer depends both on the quality of the work at the time and on the present need.

The longer it takes to get a product to market - the longer the time when money is being spent and the shorter the time it is being earned.

Do good work - and make it earn a living.

Ship it !