Some Thoughts

Not Going Back

13 December 2021

We’d had some frustrations with school (and some school refusal) then schools closed for lockdown.

Home education worked for us and we decided not to go back.

The boy loves maths, I mean he’d usually rather play Minecraft, but it isn’t hard to get him interested in fractions, percentages, or algebra.

The problem with school is that it has to teach at a level that is the same for 30 kids in class and he wasn’t allowed to skip ahead or spend longer exploring a topic of interest.

He was bored, he started to hate maths.

But he doesn’t like writing - and we felt school was confirming this dislike through the obsession with SPAG.

We did send him back for the term schools were open between lockdowns - having been isolated for a few months he was happy to see his friends at first but soon the old frustrations resurfaced.

Schools closed again, and when the re-opened we decided not to send him back.

He has loads of clubs now and a really active lifestyle with learning tailored to him.

We’re working hard to inspire him to a love of writing.

His love of maths, science, and History is strong

It is going well.