Some Thoughts

Lockdown Grammar

3 February 2021

With everyone home schooling - how kids learn grammar has become a topic of interest.

I’ve read around this and have been trying to come up with an opinion - this is what I have so far.

Bob learned lots of words around phonetics that I never knew - but only in the context of using them to learn to read. He never answered questions about digraphs - he used a digraphs lookup table to decode words.

Grammar seems useful to analyse text : such as why newspaper headline use the “passive voice” to describe possible crimes of the establishment but “active voice” for possible crimes of low status individuals.

Sometimes grammar may be a quick way to talk about writing.

But the meta language analysis seems a bit advanced for primary school - and I haven’t seen any of this in the work given - it’s all just testing of “the rules”.

Also Bob seems to know what “sounds right” and what doesn’t already.

So on balance I think school teaches too much grammar, in a way that is off-putting and decreases trust in education.

On the other hand : if you need to talk like Yoda there are grammar rules for it.