Some Thoughts

The Time Travellers Guide to Medieval England

2 January 2021

My News years resolution 2021 is to watch less TV and read more books. Off to a good start with my Christmas reading.

This was a gift from my wife who heard me complain to many times about history books being all about Kings.

The Time Travellers Guide to Medieval England

This book does include some stuff about royalty - but is a much wider overview of what life was actually like for people of a range of different classes (and class was very important to these people)

Since this is a short book aimed at a lay audience and covers 100 years of history it leaves many questions unanswered (that’s good there are more books)

I enjoyed it and feel like I have a much better understanding of this time - and perhaps the time that can still be heard today. In fact the strongest impression I have is of just how superstitious and hierarchical a people can be and how “common sense” may not be a great guide to enlightenment.

I am really glad I don’t live in those times, the food sounds awful (when there was any) the diseases awful - the doctors worse - and just when you think you’re reached the bottom - the torture !!

The clothing is fascinating, the smell awful - but so much peace, music, dance and poetry.

You know - I think the author achieved his goal - I feel like I’ve been there and I’m glad to be back home.

The Time Travellers Guide to Medieval England